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Good decisions today make for a better town tomorrow
I believe service is an act of gratitude

Hello Sudbury!

I am Radha Raman Gargeya.

I have lived in Sudbury for 25 years and in the US for 44 years.

My family and I benefited immensely from this vibrant town, its civic-minded residents, and its excellent schools. I believe one of my responsibilities as a citizen is to give back to the town that has given us so much. 

When I was naturalized as a US citizen, there was a letter from the President to all new citizens. He wrote that the United States is now your country and called upon us to serve it in any way you could. That letter speaks to me and is central to my motivation for public service.

I believe service is an act of gratitude. 

What do I want to do?

A town's budget is actually a statement of its values and priorities, expressed in dollars. I pledge to work with my fellow Select Board members to ensure that our priorities are aligned with the needs of the community and openly discussed. I promise to approach decisions in a collaborative and transparent manner. When done this way, decisions taken will be long-lasting and have broad consensus.

What are some of the important issues?

    • Supporting our excellent schools.
    • Building a sustainable Sudbury (with urgency).
    • Enhancing recreational options.
    • Cultivating a more inclusive Sudbury.
    • Enhancing Public Safety.
    • Ensuring a successful Town Manager transition.
    • Following through on long-term capital planning.
    • Promoting service/servant leadership.
    • Delivering an achievable vision for a vibrant Sudbury downtown on Route 20.

Why Me?

My prior service to Sudbury, including service on the Lincoln Sudbury School Committee, has given me a strong foundation for continuing that service as a member of the Select Board. Such a foundation in Town policies and finances is a must for effective leadership on the Select Board.


While my prior experience prepared me for the Select Board, what motivates me to run is the opportunity to provide the kind of leadership necessary to strengthen the entire community in Sudbury.

In my leadership role on the L-S School Committee for 12 years (7 of those years as Chair or Vice Chair) I learned about the importance of not just listening to, but truly and respectfully hearing, members of the community, fellow committee members, and members of other committees. A good idea is a good idea - it can come from anyone.

I provided the leadership on three particular projects at the high school, spending hundreds of hours to see them through to completion, even in the face of misgivings and uncertainty, because they were the right thing to do.

One was the Lincoln Sudbury Solar Canopy (from Sudbury Town Crier). The easy response would have been to drop the project because it was novel, we did not have the in-house expertise, state regulations were not clear, it was a lot of hard work, and it did not directly affect students’ learning. That was not my response. I worked hard with Town officials, state legislators, and independent consultants in solar technology and financials to get it done. The project saved $90K for the high school in its first year, and $160K this year. This was money saved for the school district and the Town of Sudbury. It was a win for students’ learning, a win for the Town, and a win for the environment.

I provided the leadership on the L-S technology project (Published in Sudbury Town Crier), even in the face of funding uncertainty. Again, I worked hard to ensure that the project was done. The easy response would have been to defer the much-need technology upgrade until we had the funding instead of lobbying hard for it when the students needed it. As a result, our students were able to study sooner at a campus that had first-class networking and wireless infrastructure.

L-S Girls Softball field was an equity issue. The existing field was sub-standard and hazardous. The easy response would have been to delay due to concerns about funding, the intermunicipal governance agreement, and maintenance. That was not my response. I provided the leadership on this project, put in many hours, and addressed all concerns. We got a field of dreams (from Sudbury Town Crier) for our female student athletes.

Please see my full track record of service.

I believe Sudbury needs the type of leadership I can provide to succeed in the years ahead.

Why now?

Sudbury is a jewel of a town that I am proud to call home. I will maintain a laser-like focus on Sudbury’s goals and priorities and make thoughtful decisions that are solely guided by what is good for Sudbury, in the near-term, mid-term, and long-term.

We need to sustain and enhance our schools, our quality of life, town planning, and economic growth. By working together, we can leave Sudbury better than we found it.

I am qualified, ready, and capable of advancing Sudbury’s goals.

Get Involved

I am eager to meet my fellow residents and discuss these issues in the weeks ahead. If you think I have the right skills and vision to meet the needs of our town, I hope you'll consider getting involved in my campaign.


I respectfully ask for your vote for Sudbury Select Board at the Annual Town Election on Monday, March 27, 2023, or via Vote by Mail.

Please see Voter Information for details and Get Involved/Contact to further support my campaign.

Thank you!

Radha Gargeya


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Please vote for me on
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